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Maria Boettner
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As a certified and accredited meditation coach, I have been supporting people of all ages, regardless of gender or ethnic background, for more than twenty years. Individual guided meditations, group meditations, or meditate online: Meditation is a path to many of the things we long for in our daily lives: Love, happiness, 

health, freedom, peace, integrity and self-realization.


Companies often ask for digital, customized content that picks up their employees:individually to improve the overall dynamic within their company. This includes tools for stress management, a healthy work-life balance and burnout prevention.

As a certified, experienced life coach, I support people of all ages in 1-on-1 coaching.


In companies I serve as an internal Mindful-Life-Coach and partner. 


Coaching is deep listening without distraction, judgment and attachment. Being totally present with the client allows to find the answers and clarity that truly empowers from within. 


I am a trained medium. One of my services are Trance Healing and energetic reading. The effectiveness and transformative power of these services are unique and deeply touching. Healing happens effortlessly

and miracles all the time.


As I take my eyes off the world and look within,

I discover a kingdom I forgot long ago.  

I am you. You are me. We are one.


Everything roots in the same consciousness that is rooted in light and love.  

I have been practicing meditation since I was 11 and have been working as a meditation- and sensitive coach since my early twenties.  


I am convinced

that self-realization is possible.  

I have founded Du hast Pause to offer a space where you can remember the home within, explore your unique essence and live a purposeful, fulfilling life. that you actually never left.  

Let's dive in together to awaken

to what feels true to you. 

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