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Coaching mit Maria

Be You Coaching

The Be You Coaching is a liberation on all levels. 

The key lies in recognizing your very own core essence, or rather your higher self.  

Then you synchronize all important areas in life with your core essence. You recognize the meaning in everything you do and be, while you can experience freedom and happiness directly. You have the courage and energy to redefine yourself. Dive into the most loving, non-judgmental space to be, play and know yourself. The Be You Coaching is a deeply touching declaration of love to yourself.  

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Intuitive Meditation

Would you like to find an answer to unsolved questions?

Don't know which way to go?

You want to break old, negative behavior patterns?

You are ready to understand your past and present,

to finally dive into the best version of yourself?

Would you like to be guided through life more by your intuition than by reason?


This guided meditation tailored to your needs has the power to  relevant topics and questions in your life  to investigate and clarify. I will guide you through the meditation, but we leave the guidance to your intuition. Afterwards you will of course receive your tailor-made meditation as an MP3 so that you can repeat it at any time.


Feedback from clients:  


"I was able to recognize and let go of old belief patterns through the simple guidance of a meditation by Maria. And all that with just one meditation.

Absolutely great experience!"

Nicole from Portugal

"Maria's soothing voice has taken me to places within myself I didn't know existed. I've gained so much clarity about my unhealthy relationship patterns, where they're coming from and why that I'm finally ready to let go. Thank you, Thank you thank you!"

Regina from Switzerland  

"Meditating with Maria is like coming home. Having a customized meditation, however, is another thing altogether. Now I know how to ask my own intuition for help at any time."

Ben from Germany


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Trance Healing

In profound change processes, in chronic illnesses and acute physical, emotional or mental blockages, trance healing is highly recommended. Your entire body-mind-spirit complex will be brought into balance in a beneficial way while you relax deeply. Illnesses that have plagued you for a long time can sometimes be miraculously cured after just one session. A trance healing is suitable for every age group. Children in particular react extremely positively to an energetic treatment.


  Trance healing starts with one session.  


This form of treatment is often used alongside chemotherapy or other chronic diseases

successfully offered. A trance healing does not replace a visit to a conventional doctor.


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Be You  Journey

During the BE YOU JOURNEY you embark on a longer journey of discovery to your innermost self.

Excuses and delays in the form of projections are not tolerated.You are ready to really let go, immerse and  to experience the space behind your thoughts and concepts. You explore your consciousness and experience the enlightened version of yourself.  The direct experience of your highest potential requires your inner willingness to examine and cast off insecurities and fears from the ground up. Time, dedication, and an unconditional desire for self-knowledge will eventually conquer the shadows of your self-doubt. Being the best version of yourself is not only a gift to yourself, but also your gift to this world.  

The mentoring program is a sustainable transformation into your limitless, liberated self.

In the mentoring program, we embark together on a journey to you.

We will be in constant contact in 12 sessions over three months to support you in the best possible way.  


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